BestHire obtains criminal record checks in Canada from information contained in the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database. The CPIC database is the most comprehensive list of criminal convictions available in Canada. However, the CPIC database does not always show a list of charges. In addition to the CPIC databse, BestHire also cross-references with searches of provincial court registries, where we often obtain not only a list of convictions, but a list of charges.

As approximatley 10% of all Canadians have some sort of conviction, we recommend performing a comprehensive check on all candidates.

In addition, BestHire can provide criminal record checks in the Unites States. However, there is no federal or national database like Canada's CPIC database. In this situation, we search the state(s) of residence of the candidate. These searches can often be at the municipal level, the county level, or at the state level, depending on the jurisdiction in question.